In honor of National Construction Safety Week, I am proud to share Consolidated Flooring’s unwavering commitment to our associates’ safety. Our Gold Standard Safety Program guarantees that our jobsites and workplaces consistently adhere to the highest level of safety standards.

Our program is built on three pillars: Safety Recognition, Safety Results, and Safety Leadership. We believe that these three elements work in unison to establish a company-wide culture of safety and daily practice that is fundamental to our success.

The first pillar, Safety Recognition, fosters a culture of excellence in safety practices by acknowledging outstanding performance. We recognize quarterly and annual awards demonstrating our commitment to high safety standards. Our most prestigious recognition is the Gold Hard Hat Award, which we give to the associate with the most consistent safety record for the year.

Safety Results, our second pillar, focuses on ensuring that we are accountable for the highest level of industry standards. We continuously monitor and analyze the most relevant and measurable metrics in the construction and flooring industry and set timely goals for continuous improvement.

The third and final pillar, Safety Leadership, entails a constant dedication to promoting safety awareness, communication, and practice not only within our company but also in our industry. We strive to establish a continuous safety culture by providing cutting-edge communication programs such as our “Toolbox Talks”, in-person and electronic education, and awareness modules highlighting essential safety topics covering protective equipment, hearing protection, and jobsite housekeeping.

At Consolidated Flooring, we view safety as both a promise and a practice, not just an obligation. We pledge to make safety an integral part of our company culture continually and consistently. This belief drives our behavior, resulting in our daily safety practice.

We are proud to celebrate National Construction Safety Week by reaffirming our commitment to the safety of our associates. We will continue to prioritize safety in every aspect of our operations and work to establish a culture of safety throughout the industry.

David T. Meberg

Principal, President, and CEO