Reaching For The Stars at Starnet 2023

We are honored to share that our innovative work on behalf of several of our clients was recognized this month at the 25th Annual Starnet Design Awards. A prestigious platform, Starnet has been showcasing the most innovative applications of flooring in commercial design, setting industry standards. Alongside recognizing all our award winners, we particularly wanted to showcase our two Gold Winners here.


Gold Winner – LaGuardia Terminal B, New York

Our work for LaGuardia Terminal B was honored with a Gold award in the Hospitality and Public Space Category. The newly revamped terminal at LaGuardia stands as a testament to a comprehensive transformation, personifying one of the nation’s most iconic airports.  

Our design reflects the unique blend of the architecture, history, and geography that defines New York. Sections designed with sequences reminiscent of Grand Central Station include 60-foot-high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows encapsulating the grandeur of the station. 

Majestic pedestrian bridges connect the Arrivals and Departures Hall to island concourses and free up valuable taxiways for aircraft. The bridges serve as a metaphor for New York-a city of islands and bridges-offering stunning, panoramic views of Manhattan. 

Retail and dining “neighborhoods” that reflect the spirit of New York, featuring local favorites such as the Brooklyn Diner, Gotham Newsstand, FAO Schwartz, and Shake Shack. Furthermore, we integrated indoor green spaces inspired by New York’s urban pocket parks, complete with lush landscaping and sculptural benches, infusing the terminal with a touch of serene, natural ambiance.  

To best achieve the theme of New York, the team utilized custom-patterned hybrid resilient to accentuate the design elements of the project. Linear patterning encourages traffic flow and emulates the city skyscape on the bridges to the concourses. Additionally, graphic textures were incorporated to help hide the heavy traffic and wear throughout while also simulating the look of concrete sidewalks. 


Gold Winner – Adler Planetarium

We brought home a Gold for our contribution in the Single Source Interior Contractor Category for Adler Planetarium. As America’s first planetarium, Adler holds a special place both for tourists and Chicagoans alike. Designing for a museum such as Adler demands careful consideration of product longevity, a task that requires striking a delicate balance between durability and aesthetic appeal.  

In respecting the historic building’s unique curvilinear architecture, selecting the right carpet was not without its challenges. However, by strategically segmenting the space with a 60/40 blend of light and dark colors and embracing the inherent angles when installing linear products in curvilinear spaces, we achieved a dynamic result. This design facilitates intuitive movement around the space, gently guiding visitors from one exhibit to the next. 

In both the Café and Upper Gallery, we opted for carpet tiles that mirror the expansive format of the surrounding windows, allowing the beautiful vistas of Chicago’s sky, lake, and skyline to remain the focal points. Additionally, we breathed fresh life into the lower-level administration area by introducing an edge-lit carpet tile, replacing what was once a solid color broadloom. This added a touch of playful interest to the space, invigorating it for both staff and visitors, respectively. 


Highlight the rest of our winners

To complete our lineup of recognitions, we also proudly received a Silver in the Single Source Interior Contractor category for the Illinois Wesleyan University Ames Library. Furthermore, we were honored with two Bronze awards in the Corporate and Hospitality/Public Space category for our work on the Tarkett Showroom, Chicago, and Tock, a subsidiary of Squarespace. 

Here at Consolidated, our long-standing approach has an impact beyond our daily operations. We firmly believe that if our associates leave work at the end of the day proud of what they have done, our clients will continue to trust us with their commercial flooring needs. While the primary focus of our work is not to win awards, we deeply value the recognition we receive. We understand that these accolades are a testament to the vital collaboration with our partners, the enduring trust of our clients, and the unwavering dedication and hard work of our associates. Each recognition symbolizes a team effort, and we sincerely appreciate every single person who has played a role in our continued success.