The occasion of National Siblings Day inspired me to reflect on the incorporation of Consolidated Flooring by Tom and Leif Meberg, two Norwegian immigrant brothers who embarked on the venture eighty years ago. It is fascinating to consider whether they had envisioned their business prospering in 2023.

Thirty years after they opened the doors, they welcomed the second generation of siblings. Tor, Arne, and Bud stewarded the family business for the next twenty years, remaining active for quite a while after handing the controls off to their sons.

Now in our third generation of family ownership, we have upheld their dedication to workmanship, high standards, and an unwavering commitment to our industry and community. These core values have been driving us since 1943, and we are proud to deliver our customers this level of service consistently.

Walking through our offices and visiting job sites, I am constantly reminded of our associates’ resolute loyalty, persistence, and hard work. Witnessing our company’s culture in action firsthand is genuinely inspiring. It reinforces our belief that if our team members leave work proud of what they’ve achieved, our valued customers will continue to trust us. We simply would not be the company we are today without the tireless devotion of our associates. This timeless value has been handed down and remains central to how we work.

Certainly, much has changed since the Meberg brothers pursued their American Dream eighty years ago. And yet, even as the business has grown, evolved, and continues to expand, the legacy of these two siblings echoes through our daily actions and upholds Consolidated Flooring’s steadfast dedication to the highest standard of quality and service.

I hope this uniquely American sibling story of hard work, trust, and accountability inspires you as much as it inspires us. And while we look back with respect and admiration, we continue to move forward with excitement and enthusiasm for the next generation.

The two generations of brothers couldn’t have asked for anything more.

President and CEO